Let's be honest: Everyone who has a say in the matter will tell you that COVID-19 is still an issue by February 2021, since it is unlikely a vaccine or cure has been made fully available by this time.

Nevertheless, we still continue to plan for the event, and set ourselves a few rules we would like to share with you:

Your safety comes first

We are planning for the party to happen, but it will likely look a bit different from what we are used to. We are trying to provide additional services replacing common demoparty features, such as comfortable collaboration spots in the loftier foyer instead of putting your heads together on the table rows to finish your entries, chairs in front of the bigscreen as well as opening up the gallery for compo watching, instead of cramming everyone closely together on the floor.

Your safety must not be subject to your financial means

Thanks to our friends at Jugendherberge Zug, we are able to provide you with sanitary sleeping options starting at 20 CHF/night. We would like to avoid people sleeping in the party hall wherever possible. If you feel sick or change your mind before the party, we will refund your ticket without discussion. We will make recommended basic Personal Protection Equipment available to you free of charge.

Proximity Tracking may well be a thing by then

We have no clue if there will be a Europe-wide exchange between the apps, but we want to make sure that wherever you are from, we give you the chance to be aware if there is any reason for concern. So when you buy your ticket, we will save your email address and re-validate upon entry. If you feel sick within two weeks after the party, please let us know and we will inform all visitors. If you feel sick or show any symptoms of COVID-19 or any other sickness for this matter, please let us know and we will refund your ticket. If you show symptoms of sickness during the party, we have to ask you to leave and see a doctor for everyone else's sake.

You are part of the decision-making

This party is not going to happen without you, so we are going to be completely transparent with you and want you to have a voice in this. We will communicate dates for Go/No-Go-decisions on our social media, so you are able to share concerns or suggestions. Either drop us a message, or even better start a public discussion via our social media channels or Pouet, so people can read it and chime in. We want this party to happen, we want you to be part of it, but only if we can make sure that you and we feel safe and are on board by the time we cross the points of financial risk. On that note, we would be glad if you make use of the pre-order options as much as possible, so we can work out solutions based on your needs instead of wild guesses.

In the bottom of this page, you will find an additional Protection and Prevention Concept with all measures we are planning at this stage. Of course we are happy about further suggestions and your general opinion.

Safety- and Prevention Concept MountainBytes: PDF Download