As of right now, Switzerland has no COVID-related restrictions installed whatsoever.

At the time of the event, the situation might have of course changed.

We will keep you updated and will take appropriate steps, and are glad about your input and feedback on the matter.

Here are a few general wishes and amenities we have planned:

  • We will have free antigen selftests available on site. A testing facility for PCR is next door to the location.
  • Get vaccinated and boostered. This should be a no-brainer at this point. Be like the other 96% (if we can believe our own previous surveys).
  • We orgas will offer masks proactively during compos etc, when we spot increased concentrations of people in certain spots.
  • During compos, the area infront of the bigscreen will have a number of deck chairs instead of narrow rows of chairs - and we will also open the gallery. Thanks to the great audio setup in the venue, you will be able to enjoy the show to its fullest from all spots in the hall.
  • The Lorzensaal is equipped with HEPA filters, and constantly feeds fresh heated air into the hall.
  • We expect everyone to respect other people's boundaries and space. Ask or check if they wear a lapel sticker before hugging someone, or stand overly close to them. Don't be an idiot.